Bakery Bags

Eagle bakery bags provide solutions for the individual retail bakeries to institutional bakery needs. With inventories of a wide variety of bakery bags our clients have options and selections from existing stock in...

- Silver Foil                  - Window Panel
- Pinch Bottom             - Poly Bags
- Paper Bakery Bags    - Kraft Paper Bread Sleeves

Our poly baker bags are made from HDPE and are microwaveable and freezer resistant.

In addition to our inventory our baker bags can be custom made with designed specifically with your size, print, and quantity requirements.

Inventoried Sizes of Wet Wax Paper Bakery Bag

- Number 4 Bag: 5x3.33x9.75
- Number 6 Bag: 6x3.625x11.0625
- Number 8 Bag: 6.125x3.0625x12.4375
- Number 12 Bag; 7.0625x4.5x13.75

Poly Bakery HDPE Bag

- 6x4x14
- 7x3x12
- 7x4x15

Foil Paper Bakery Bag (Garlic Bread)

- 5.25x3.25x20

French Paper Bread Bags

- 4.5x2.5x24
- 4.5x2.5x28

Italian Paper Bread Bag

- 5.25x3.25x20
- 6x3.5x20

Bread Bag with Window

- 3.5x2x26
- 4.5x2.5x28
- 5.25x3.25x20
- 6.5x2x18
- 8.5x3x14

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